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Freedom News Digest: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2022 We Must Not Forget the U.S. War on Afghanistan

The distinctions of personal merit and influence, so conspicuous in a republic, so feeble and obscure under a monarchy, were abolished by the despotism of the emperors; who substituted in their room a severe subordination of rank and office,…This multitude of abject dependents was interested in the support of the actual government from the dread of a revolution, which might at once confound their hopes and intercept the reward of their services. In this divine hierarchy (for such it is frequently styled) every rank was marked with the most scrupulous exactness, and its dignity was displayed in a variety of trifling and solemn ceremonies, which it was a study to learn and a sacrilege to neglect…By a philosophic observer, the system of the Roman government might have been mistaken for a splendid theater, filled with players of every character and degree, who repeated the language and imitated the passions of their original model.
Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire [1776]


December 8, 2022

We Must Not Forget the U.S. War on Afghanistan
When the Pentagon used NATO to provoke Russia  into invading Ukraine, it had to know that one of the great benefits to such an invasion would be that it would enrich U.S. weapons manufacturers, who, of course, are an important, integral, and loyal part of America’s national-security state form of governmental structure.  And sure enough, those weapons manufacturers now have a …

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Lessons for America from the Chinese Protests
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What lessons can America learn from the protests taking place in China against the regime’s anti-COVID measures? …
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