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The Lighthouse: Weekly Newletter December 7, 2002 Post-Faucist America | COVID/Crypto Connection | University Free Speech?

December 7, 2022  •  Weekly Newsletter
Post-Faucist America

Lloyd Billingsley (American Greatness)

Who will replace Fauci? Given the Biden auspices, it will be somebody loyal to the Delaware Democrat and a Fauci doppelganger. And that would be a disaster. More white coat supremacy will hasten the fundamental transformation of America from a free constitutional republic to a dreary Soviet Covidistan. READ MORE »

America’s COVID-19 Debacle: “A Plague Upon Our House”

The COVID/Crypto Connection: The Grim Saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

Jeffrey Tucker (Epoch Times)

It’s bad enough that lockdowns corroded life and liberty. To discover that vast support for them was funded by Crypto fakery is a deeper level of corruption that not even the most cynical among us could have imagined. READ MORE »

Good Money

Birmingham Button Makers, the Royal Mint, and the Beginnings of Modern Coinage, 1775-1821

By George A. Selgin

Yes, an Academic Free-Speech Conference Needed Protection from the Mob

Richard K. Vedder (James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)

When progressives gather, the nation’s academic villages, like our cities, suffer riot. No wonder a recent Stanford event on academic free speech was “invitation-only.” Is this the future of the American university? READ MORE »

Restoring the Promise

Higher Education in America

By Richard K. Vedder

Here Is How the FDA Made the RSV Wave More Dangerous

Raymond J. March

Smart Sock had been on the market for five years, boasted a 90% accuracy rating, and helped over 600,000 parents care for their sick children—but, thanks to the regulation-happy FDA, not this year. As a result, RSV this winter will be more deadly for America’s kids. READ MORE »

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