23 House Seats Flipped During 2022 Midterm Elections

December 07, 2022
2022 Midterm Elections
23 House Seats Flipped During 2022 Midterm Elections
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The Shadow State | Documentary

Big Government is powerful. So are gigantic corporations. What would happen if they formed an alliance to control the entire planet? The Shadow State, a new film from The Epoch Times, lifts the veil on what ESG is really all about!

Will ESG soon control the world? What would that be like?

“The Shadow State” is now exclusively on EpochTV!

American Thought Leaders
Dr. Tess Lawrie: COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Inflammation in ‘Every Organ and Tissue of the Body’
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Northern California
San Francisco Changes Course on Deploying ‘Killer Robots’
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The United States Will Address Australia’s Military Capability Gap, Says Secretary of Defense
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Bodycam Footage Shows Florida Police Officer Who Can’t Swim Rush Into Pond to Save Drowning Infant
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Photo Games
Spot the Difference Daily
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