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Looking Back At Bill Watts’ WCW Rule Changes That Everyone Hated

Cowboy Bill Watts came into WCW with a lot of excitement, but when he made some big rule changes, he turned most of the wrestlers against him.

By Shawn S. Lealos

Cowboy Bill Watts was one of the most successful promoters in wrestling during the territory days. In 1979, he began building Mid-South Wrestling in Oklahoma and Louisiana and ended up with arguably the best wrestling territory in the United States. At one point, his Mid-South Wrestling competed successfully against Crockett Promotions in the Carolinas and the growing WWE.

However, Mid-South Wrestling died because of things out of Watts’ control. The oil recession in Oklahoma cost the company both money and fans, as people no longer had money to spend on things like wrestling. However, after selling his company to Crockett Promotions, Watts never got wrestling out of his blood. He wanted to return, and he got a chance in WCW in 1992. Wrestlers and fans got excited about his return, but then he showed up and implemented his rules, and everything went wrong.


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