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Conspiracy Theory is Political Analysis the State Doesn’t Like

Geopolitics and Empire

Joseph Green: Conspiracy Theory is Political Analysis the State Doesn’t Like

Joseph Green discusses parapolitics, deep politics, and conspiracy theory. He correctly observes that “if you don’t understand that the state killed JFK, and MLK, and RFK, and Malcolm X, and a whole lot of others besides, you’re never really going to fundamentally understand how the world works.” He explains how to be a conspiracy theorist and how not to be a conspiracy theorist! Conspiracy theory is simply political analysis that the State doesn’t like. If you’re looking at things from the left-right paradigm, you’re not going to get good analysis that way. It’s more like we’re dealing with competing mobsters.

ANALYSIS: The Growing Venezuelan & Iranian Partnership

Venezuela and Iran are both countries that the US views as integral members of the geopolitical “Legion of Doom” that China and Russia are spearheading. As a result, they must cope with massive sanctions and constant demonization from Collective West media outlets.

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