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The Nation Weekly: December 2, 2022 Fall of the fraudsters, not hearing Amber Heard, a powerful Trump judge, and more

“What’s so strange right now is the way in which fraud has seen a parallel breakdown in the realm of business, where we normally see it, and the realm of politics,” says University of Georgia historian Stephen Mihm.

This week, Christopher Lehmann analyzed the recent confluence of fraudster downfalls, from the bankruptcy of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX, to snake oil doctor Mehmet Oz’s loss in the race for a Senate seat. “It’s wise not to read too much into the…Fraudsterdämmerung,” Lehmann says. “Still, students of the close alignment of rampant scamming and financial entrepreneurship note that we could be on the verge of a new culture-wide reassessment of late-capitalist fraud.”

The Rise and Fall of the American Fraudster
From crypto titan Sam Bankman-Fried to snake oil doctor Mehmet Oz, financial and political scam artists are finally getting what’s coming to them.
Chris Lehmann
How Social Media Ensures That No One Hears Amber Heard
The entertainment-misogyny complex has created a host of incentives for demonizing figures like Amber Heard for speaking out about their trauma.
Deborah Epstein, Ray Epstein
Should a Single Trump Judge Have the Power to Void Biden’s Policies?
While the answer seems obvious, a Supreme Court case highlights why the question is legitimately complex.
Elie Mystal
The Polycrisis at the Border
Levi Vonk’s Border Hacker digs into the intersecting failures that have led to a brutal system of forced displacement in the Americas.
Caroline Tracey
Larry Krasner on What Will Actually Reduce Crime
A conversation with the Philadelphia district attorney about violence, elections, and the Republican Party.
Laura Flanders
Beverly Gage on J. Edgar Hoover, Plus Erwin Chemerinsky on Originalism
On this week of the Start Making Sense podcast, a look into the untold life of the former FBI director, and a discussion about “originalism” and the Supreme Court.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Democrats and the Crypto Meltdown
On this week’s episode of The Time of Monsters, David Klion on the centrist elites allied with a Ponzi scheme.
Jeet Heer

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