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I’ll never work from a beach again

Nicholas Carlson, December 2, 2022


Hello, Insiders. Hiring freezes and layoffs keep happening, but at least one place is hiring: New York City. And that role? A “bloodthirsty” rat czar.


In a cheeky job posting, the city announced it’s hiring a director of rodent migration to keep “the city’s rats in check and on notice.” And it comes with a good paycheck – the salary range is listed between $120,000 and $170,000.


The ideal candidate, apparently, has a “killer instinct needed to fight the real enemy” (rats) and a “swashbuckling attitude.” So if that sounds like you, then godspeed — here’s the posting. My fellow New Yorkers and I thank you. Because as that viral saying that’s all over TikTok goes: “The rats don’t run this city, we do.”

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The big story
Tara Anand for Insider


Noom sells psychology-driven weight loss — but former employees say they were unprepared for and overwhelmed by users’ eating disorders, depression, and trauma.


The popular weight loss app pitches itself as using psychology to address the root causes of weight gain, helping users reframe their thinking around food and eating habits.


According to interviews with more than 30 people, Noom attracted users who appeared to be suffering from psychological problems. And while Noom doesn’t advertise therapeutic services or eating disorder treatment, its emphasis on psychology can make it hard to tell the difference.


Noom’s coaches lacked the qualifications, preparation, and training to be psychological counselors — but still often found themselves working with clients who exhibited complex and sometimes frightening behaviors.


“Working there truly hurt my mental and physical health, even though that’s what the company preaches,” one former coach said. “All I could think about is the messages from people who desperately need support piling up.”


Read the full report here.

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