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Societies, not Individuals, are Mentally Ill

The huge increase in diagnosed psychiatric illnesses since end of WW2, but especially during the last 20-30 years, has been one of the defining characteristics of our current era. The “conventional wisdom” of “experts” attributes this increase to advances in the field of psychiatry, more access to medical care, advances in drug therapy of mental illnesses etc. But is this really the case? What if the very nature and structure of contemporary societies is not quite right? What if the rules, expectations and mores underlying modern societies and institutions within them are themselves bizarre, sociopathic and irrational?

Let me start by talking about one of the more sensational categories of “crime” in our era- spree or mass shootings. We can certainly pretend that such crimes are the result of evil and mentally-ill people having “assault” rifles and “semi-auto” handguns. Many liberal morons seem to think that guns, but especially the ‘scary’ looking ones, have magical powers similar to the ‘one ring’ of Sauron in LOTR. But if that was true, why didn’t we see such spree shootings in previous eras? How many war-scarred veterans of WW1, WW2, Korea or Vietnam went about shooting up movie theaters or 1st grade school classes? How many went to a university and ended up killing over 30 people with handguns? Why didn’t any of them go Holmes, Lanza, Cho or Brevik?

How do we end up in a situation where men from an otherwise normal middle-class background with no criminal record end up killing with more enthusiasm, planning, skill and ruthlessness than trained killers?

The conventional explanation by “experts” is that all of these spree shooters were mentally ill. They blame everything from adolescence-onset schizophrenia to autism and major depressive illnesses to ‘explain’ these occurrences. After all, what is a few more epicycles between fellow Ptolemians? But why didn’t we have such events in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s or early 1980s? Those decades had many more young adults as well as much higher rates of normal ‘crime’ and murder. Surely there must have been men like Holmes, Lanza, Cho and Breivik in those years.. but for some odd reason, spree shootings of the type that occur nowadays were almost unheard.


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