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Apparently, Objective Truth is More Dangerous to the World Than ‘Drag Shows for Kids’

All I have to do is log onto social media to be reminded of why I dropped identitarian labels when it comes to politics. Well, I sometimes call myself right-wing, but that term is nebulous enough to not put me in a box. I certainly do not miss being trapped in the (L)libertarian box which many consider to be the most consistent ideology. Maybe libertarianism is. But in the instance I’m about to address, that is not the case.

It all started like this:

“[W]e do not, in fact, need all 8 billion people to agree on this issue.” Do you see the “can of worms” this statement opens? Especially in reference to keeping children, the most vulnerable among us, safe. If 20% of the American population – let’s call it 60 million people – believes parents taking their children to “Drag Shows” is child abuse or “grooming” them to be gay, trans, or whatever; what kind of Fantasyland are you living if you believe 60 million people are going to stand idly by and go along? Do the 60 million people against these policies just need to be “educated” (to YOUR way of thinking)? “You gotta read this book man, then you’ll see it through my eyes!” Adherents to an ideology of “individual liberty,” sure want everyone to fall in line with them.


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