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The Nation December 5/12 Issue: When the NYPD Gets Desperate

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When the NYPD Gets Desperate
In a high-profile murder case, New York police swabbed hundreds of Black men, illegally used a private DNA lab, and then concealed their tactics.
Can Raphael Warnock Win an Even Tougher Runoff Election?
The Georgia Senate race is again in a runoff election. But this time around, it’s a lot harder for voters to participate.
I’m Not Leaving Twitter. Neither Should You.
Twitter is an effective tool for challenging the status quo and powerful people and institutions. That’s why Elon Musk snatched it up.
The Disturbing World of the New GOP
The 2022 midterms saw the Republican Party complete its devolution into a party that has fully abandoned its conscience.
The World John von Neumann Built
 Game theory, computers, the atom bomb—these are just a few of things von Neumann played a role in developing, changing the twentieth century for better and worse.
This month, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced that he was no longer convinced of Tracy McCarter’s guilt—marking the beginning of the end of a sustained, two-year travesty of justice for Tracy, a victim of domestic violence who was arrested for the death of her estranged husband. Nation contributor Victoria Law has followed Tracy’s story since March 2020. As Leigh Goodmark, author of Imperfect Victims and Decriminalizing Domestic Violence, noted, “[Law] has been with this story from the beginning, when the big outlets paid no attention. Her reporting is one of the reasons that there may finally be justice for [McCarter].”

For the full picture, read Law’s feature, “The Worst Abuser You Could Ever Have,” based on numerous interviews with Tracy and her family. More recently, Law documented the outpouring of public support for Tracy and, this week, reported on Bragg’s belated fulfillment of his campaign promise. Tracy’s legal ordeal is not yet over; her trial is scheduled to begin on November 28th. But it’s thanks to readers like you that we’re able to devote the time and resources to doggedly covering—and seeking to remedy—injustices like this.

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