Florida man’s perspective on Trump v DeSantis

As we enter triple-digit KK&F episodes, we’ve got a big show for you this week to kick things off — complete with Kanye’s 2024 presidential run (and that Milo Yiannopoulos cameo), the Trump vs DeSantis matchup in future Republican races, some notes on the end (?) of Twitter, and more. This episode has everything: notable lefty “Florida man” Farron Cousins as our special guest, a debate on mandatory voting, the actual number of votes Kanye received during his last presidential campaign . . . what are you waiting for? Watch below:

Is it all just the boomers’ fault? Farron shares his insight as a Floridian on not only how DeSantis has defined the current moment in Florida’s politics, but also how the cult of DeSantis on the American right has changed Florida’s demographics. The space DeSantis has created for conservative discourse hasn’t just found a foothold with many Florida residents. It’s also attracted right-wing commentators from across the country who see his state as their new social and economic base, as well as others — especially members of the Baby Boomer generation — who find their values reflected in DeSantis’s governing style.

The big question is whether the rise of DeSantis means the collapse of Trump. We discuss how the two major right-wing figures are pitted against one another for future presidential campaigns. Perhaps the greatest plus for Trump would be the major three-ring circus in the mainstream media if he were to announce his candidacy: what we learned from 2016 is that outlets like CNN, despite their professed opposition to Trump’s politics, were willing to give him billions of dollars’ worth of free media by covering his every move during the presidential campaign season. The idea that liberal media might do more for Trump than anyone else by feeding into his plays for national attention isn’t even galling anymore — we’ve seen this before.

From smaller questions (will Trump return to Twitter?) to other speculations for the 2024 presidential elections (and who will lead the Warmongers’ Caucus), we’ve got a packed show for you tonight, and we hope you enjoy. Remember that you can listen to this episode as a podcast when it’s released tomorrow on Spotify, Substack, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, and more.

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