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Jose Nino’s Digest: November 23, 2022 An Underwhelming Future for the New GOP, and more

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An Underwhelming Future for the New GOP

Share The “Red Wave” turned out to be a puddle. After two years of having victory basically given to them on a silver platter, the GOP spoiled their opportunity, and now, all we have to do is suffer from a barrage of fundraising emails and even more…

Nov 23, 2022Substack

The European Parliament Plans on Passing Resolution to Label Russia as “Terrorist State”

During a press conference on November 16, 2022, the European Parliament put forward a resolution that classifies Russia as a “terrorist state.” The vote is set to take place at a session in Strasbourg this week. The center-right European People’s…

Nov 23, 2022Big League Politics

Chuck Schumer Pushes for Illegal Alien Amnesty Due to Falling American Birth Rates

At a speech he gave before the press at the United States Capitol on November 16, 2022, New York Senator Chuck Schumer called for amnesty for America’s illegal alien population — according to recent estimates from Ivy League institutions the illegal…

Nov 23, 2022Big League Politics

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