An Underwhelming Future for the New GOP

The “Red Wave” turned out to be a puddle. After two years of having victory basically given to them on a silver platter, the GOP spoiled their opportunity, and now, all we have to do is suffer from a barrage of fundraising emails and even more false promises.

Senate Republicans failed to go after the COVID pushers who locked down our economy, kept your kids out of school, closed your business and shoved an experimental vaccine in your arm as they held your livelihood hostage. Why didn’t they name and shame the lockdowners and pandemic pimps? Because they were part of it.

Senate Republicans largely pushed for the historically destructive spending and printing of money that put us in the place we are now. They can’t blame Biden and the Dems entirely because they were as culpable as they were. Mitch McConnell understood this, which is why he sabotaged the campaigns of MAGA patriots such as Blake Masters in Arizona and others who would have put the lockdowners and Great Reset advocates on blast. After all, the swamp always takes care of itself.

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House Republicans aren’t as full of fresh blood as they’d like to boast. Populist champions such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz kept their seats, but it was a fight until the end. Kevin McCarthy is leading pretty much exactly the same GOP agenda now as he did prior to the election. More money for Ukraine, more cash in the coffers of the military industrial complex, and plenty of bitching about Biden is all we can pretty much guarantee. McCarthy is everything the right hated about John Boehner, except McCarthy doesn’t pretend to be pushing a conservative agenda, he’ll be plenty supportive of the Biden regime when it suits him, even if he pretends to attack it on Fox News.

What does all this mean for conservatives? Forget that anything in D.C. is about to change. Literally nothing of importance will come from this new House majority. Their priority right now is fundraising for 2024, and that’s it. All the great promises and good intentions are dead at the door, so just accept it.


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