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The Lighthouse Weekly Newsletter: November 22, 2022 Blame Taylor Swift Fans | Liberty after Covid | Election Difference?

What Difference Did the Election Make?

John C. Goodman (Forbes)

Not much. The polls told us that 85 percent of the population thought the country was headed in the wrong direction. Yet, voters went out and reelected almost all the incumbents. What’s going on? READ MORE »

Beyond Politics

The Roots of Government Failure (Revised and Updated Edition)

By Randy Simmons

Can’t Get Taylor Swift Tickets? Blame Other Fans, Not Ticketmaster

Art Carden (Forbes)

So who is to blame for the Taylor Swift ticket meltdown? Ticketmaster? Ticket scalpers? Taylor Swift? No, fans are at fault. There are only thousands of tickets but millions of fans. It’s called: supply and demand. And they rule the universe. READ MORE »


Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action

By Robert P. Murphy

End the COVID National Emergency Now

Sen. Rand Paul (Washington Examiner)

In his classic book, Crisis and Leviathan, Robert Higgs demonstrated that governments justify the exercise of extraordinary powers during an emergency, but when the crisis ends, officials never restore the liberties they suspended. Covid is over—but where is our freedom? READ MORE »

Crisis and Leviathan

Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government (25th Anniversary Edition)

By Robert Higgs

As California Schools Fall Even Further, A Charter School Shows How To Succeed

Lee E. Ohanian (California on Your Mind)

Only about one in four California students is proficient in math. Or in English. Or in science. But the Kairos charter school in Vacaville, California, is showing a bright way forward. And (you guessed it) the public-school monopolists aren’t happy. READ MORE »

Really Good Schools

Global Lessons for High-Caliber, Low-Cost Education

By James Tooley

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