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As members of The American Conservative know and more periodic readers have probably gathered, the magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Last night our annual gala looked back at two decades of being a voice of rightwing dissent, and celebrated the fact that we are not so alone in that as we were in 2002.

My own contribution to the festivities came out from behind the paywall Monday. For the anniversary issue of the magazine, I reviewed Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West, also celebrating 20 years, and Scott McConnell’s Ex-Neocon, a 2016 collection of essays and missives. Recycling an old TAC piece title, I wrote that the magazine and its editors have been “Right from the Start.” The issues and dynamics explored by Buchanan and McConnell remain the issues and dynamics that define America today: immigration, foreign policy folly, a culture at war with its own foundations.

In an essay out yesterday, Philip Pilkington argued that the United States faces its own Suez crisis as it continues its halting pivot to Asia. The limits of our hold on and leadership of a global Western alliance are being highlighted by the conflict in Ukraine. If there will be conflict in the Pacific with China over Taiwan, we are likely to go at it largely alone. An isolated Britain floundered in the Mediterranean as it sought to keep its grip on the Suez, and never recovered its power or influence. Might we do the same?

And on Wednesday, TAC board member George D. O’Neill, Jr., compiled the many ways the American State Department contributed to making Ukraine a tinderbox. The foreign policy officials of the United States did not just create conditions for war by omission, ignoring the many respected voices in the international relations world that long warned Russia had interests in its own sphere. Their failures to maintain peace were of commission, too, actively expanding NATO and interfering in Russia’s near abroad, especially in Ukraine.

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Right from the Start

Two books by TAC’s founders are a roadmap to a better conservatism.

America’s Suez Moment

The American obsession with Taiwan, much like the British obsession with the Suez Canal, is merely a distraction from much broader global geopolitical shifts.

Blame the Deep State for Carnage in Ukraine

The foreign policy establishment knew it was needlessly provoking Russia at every step along the way.

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Despotism often presents itself as the repairer of all the ills suffered, the support of just rights, defender of the oppressed, and founder of order.
―Alexis de Tocqueville
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