Fictional Presidential Debate in Vaporfornia

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“I totally forgot about the presidential debate.  After visiting the Blackstone I kind of want to hear what he has to say.  I look up a clip of the debate which was hosted in Sacramento on YouTube once I get home. The moderators asks: “what will you do to address income inequality, including the disenfranchisement of people of color here in the state of California?”

Democratic California Senator Dave Cohen-Rodriguez says “people of color are an integral part of our nation’s, and this great state’s, economy. They pick our fruit and run our tech companies. We need to enforce diversity quotas to ensure that corporations nationwide reflect the diversity of the world. I co-sponsored a bill in the Senate that would increase legal immigration to 3 million a year and mandate that our workforce reflect the global demographic. My detractors in my own party have criticized me for voting for Republican corporate tax cuts but once our workforce resembles that of the world, we will have a capitalism that is woke and no longer in need of state regulation.”

Republican Governor of Oklahoma, Wilbur Rex Jackson III says “the lunatic environmental lobby in California is driving out the middle class. We need to open federal and state lands to logging and fracking, creating millions of new jobs. Open up land so everyone can enjoy the American dream of owning a home and I would sign Cohen-Rodriguez’s bill to open up that dream to people of color from all over the world.”

Roger Blackstone who’s running unaffiliated and dressed in a purple blazer responds “the fundamental problem in our society is that wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few while the highest population growth is in the underclass, with both trends squeezing out the middle class.  If we’re going to talk about reforming the distribution of wealth, we must consider the overall demographic structure. To reverse this trend, I would implement a basic income with free healthcare, coinciding with a dramatic cutback in immigration and the elimination of incentives for the underclass to reproduce.”

“How would you fund that racist socialist nonsense?” Jackson interrupts.


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