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Now as Some Day it May Happen: Suggestions for a New Party of the Right

By Alan Bickley

If I call them worthless, I am not doing complete justice to the Conservatives. They crept back to office in 2010 in a cloud of promises that they repeated and elaborated at the three following elections. In office, their sole positive achievement has been personal enrichment through bribes and insider trading. Actual policy remained a monopoly of the authoritarian left, which has obliged by not repeating the unpleasantness the Thatcher Government generally faced.

Leaving the European Union might have been an offsetting achievement – only it was never intended to happen, and largely has not happened. The Conservatives promised a referendum in 2015 so just enough of us would pinch our noses and vote for them again. They then chose a date they thought would favour the Remain side. To make sure of the vote, they took control of the Leave campaign, which they ran with probably deliberate incompetence. When, despite their best efforts, a convincing majority of the white English voted to leave, plus an impressive minority of everyone else, they went into a long filibuster – throwing away every decent card they had in the negotiations, and assuring us it was all so very hard to do what any man of honesty and competence could have done in a couple of months. Three years into this farce, we hit them with an electoral mutiny that wiped the smiles off their faces and made them go through a form of leaving. Two years after that, we remain substantially aligned with European Union law. The intention, I have no doubt, is to wait until enough of the Leave vote has died off, or has been marginalised by lavish grants of citizenship, and then to run another referendum. This will need a Labour Government. By then, however – like leeches gorged with blood – the Conservatives will be ready to float off and digest their gains.

We need a new party of the right. We need a party that really is committed to restoring us as the free citizens of our own independent country. The Conservatives are not this. The Conservatives will not and probably cannot be this. We must do the job ourselves.


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