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Jose Nino’s Digest: November 13, 2022 POLL: 56% of Americans Said Local Crime Has Risen, and more

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POLL: 56% of Americans Said Local Crime Has Risen

Record number of Americans believe that local crime has increased over the last year, per the findings from a new Gallup poll. In total, 56% of American adults claim that there has been an increase in local crime. Press TV reported that this figure…

Nov 12, 2022Big League Politics

Record Numbers of Small Business Went Delinquent on Their Rents in October

Small businesses are currently having trouble making rent due to rent hikes and decreased customer activity. According to a new Alignable poll, the United State’s rent delinquency rate among small businesses surged 7% in only one month. According to…

Nov 12, 2022Big League Politics

Joe Biden Views the GOP as an Existential Threat

As the final results from the 2022 midterms have yet to be determined, America First nationalists would be wise to recognize what’s at stake in the present era of hyper polarized politics. We should not forget that on November 3, 2022, President Joe…

Nov 11, 2022Big League Politics

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