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The Nation Weekly Newsletter: November 11, 2022 The red ripple, a wrongful conviction, bad reading, and more

“I think it’s going to be a tsunami,” announced Texas Senator Ted Cruz during a preelection bus trip to battleground states.

Sorry Cruz—it was more like “a red ripple.”

This week, our national affairs correspondent John Nichols analyzed the results of the midterm elections as they rolled in slowly in some states, and faster in others. The GOP may still be poised to take the House, Nichols reports, but the party has not mounted quite the takeover Democrats feared.

Red Tsunami? More Like a Red Ripple.
GOP midterm dreams crash as Trump’s candidates stumble and voters defend abortion rights.
John Nichols
India Spellman Was Wrongfully Convicted When She Was Just 17
That was over a decade ago. When will she walk free?
Alyssa Oursler, Anna DalCortivo
Are Americans Bad at Reading?
Novelist Elaine Castilo’s essays reflect on reading as an ethical act and the moral politics of literature in the US.
Lily Meyer
Forced Prison Labor Was Also on the Ballot
Voters in four states—Alabama, Oregon, Tennessee, and Vermont—approved ending the practice of involuntary labor and slavery as punishment for a criminal conviction.
Victoria Law
The Obscured and Forgotten History of Black Communist Women
A new anthology edited by Charisse Burden-Stelly and Jodi Dean highlights the legacy and enduring relevance of Black communist women’s political activism in the early 20th century.
Morgan Forde
“The Nation” and the Midterms
This week, our own D.D. Guttenplan, Elie Mystal, Joan Walsh, John Nichols, and Chris Lehmann discuss the midterm election results.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Elon Musk and the Silicon Valley Right
This week on The Time of Monsters podcast, Jacob Silverman joins the show to discuss the reactionary politics of
Jeet Heer

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