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Abortion Didn’t Hold Republicans Back

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It’s Election Week. Of course, it ought to have been Election Day, as my own column Wednesday mentioned, but that’s not how our increasingly ballot-based, rather than voter-based, electoral system works anymore. So, there are still some results to be seen, especially in the West. But here are three TAC takes on the promised red wave that wasn’t.

First, Bradley Devlin gives an overview of Tuesday’s results, focused on what Republican winners shared and the losers didn’t have. Namely, and perhaps contrary to some other GOP analysis you’ve seen, winners weren’t scared of substantive culture war arguments. Yes, economic issues made Biden and the Democrats vulnerable, but if they wanted to run on culture issues they could not be allowed to set the terms.

Second, John Hirschauer digs into the Pennsylvania race in particular, and illustrates Devlin’s macropoint in a single state. Dr. Oz ran a good campaign, but he wasn’t a convincing candidate; he’s new to this social conservatism stuff and sounded like the status quo. Doug Mastriano might have been the Trump-endorsed man in the race, but he hardly ran a campaign at all. So, both of them let the Democrats set the terms of race, and frame the social and cultural issues.

Third and finally for today, Catherine Glenn Foster of Americans United for Life pushes back against the narrative that abortion hurt the Republicans or had major gains Tuesday. It wasn’t all roses, certainly, and Carmel Richardson addresses some of the worst abortion referenda on the site this morning, but a lot of champions of life were reelected comfortably. As Foster puts it, “The claim that the abortion issue held back Republicans never asks how much the abortion issue spurred votes for Republicans and against Democrats.”

Micah Meadowcroft
Web Editor

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Tuesday night’s results solidified the importance of the culture war.

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If we actually care about unborn life, and making sure children are not taught to hate themselves in schools, then we have to actually win elections.

Abortion Didn’t Hold Republicans Back

Tuesday may have been disappointing for Republicans, but pro-abortion fanatics didn’t win big either.

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