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What Happened to Patriotic Socialism?

A brief explanation

‘Patriotic Socialism’ is honestly a very poor descriptor of my worldview.

I am neither patriotic (nationalist) nor am I a socialist (Marxist)

The nation is a bourgeois edifice, the opposite of an organic state based upon a higher (spiritual) principal, the nation is based upon the demos (expressed via the blood, representative democracy, workers councils, etc..)

Socialism is a meaningless term used by everyone from DSA Activists in the American Democratic Party to the unofficial monarchy in North Korea.

I remain an ardent anti-capitalist and still support some form of syndicalism, where and when industry is even necessary, as a path to restoring something akin to the guilds of Medieval Europe.

Yet I am increasingly convinced that industrial society, or modern tech and science, are the unique expression of Western (Faustian) civilization, not the inevitable outcome and epitome of all human achievement, and certainly not the universal fate of humanity, as the Liberals, Marxists, Fascists, and other ‘progressives’ would have it.

Any civilization hitherto existing probably would have had the capacity to unleash the titanic forces of the industrial revolution at some point during their development, but instead directed their energies into vertical rather than horizontal development. That is to say civilizations like the Indian, Chinese, ancient Mesopotamian, Islamic, even Classical and Medieval European, have or had a metaphysical foundation, live or lived in an enchanted world, and pursued or pursue the divine. This was reflected in great works of art, architecture, theology, and more all manifested through their particular civilizations, imprinted with a unique character.


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