The Three Most Likely Midterm Outcomes



The 2022 midterm elections are upon us. If you’re a regular reader of mine, you understand that this election is entirely a shaping ground for 2024. The decisions made today will firmly root us in an inferior or superior position over the next two years but that entirely depends on the coalitions we build, the priorities we establish, and the fights we’re willing to take up.

Now, it is common for the party who loses it’s majority in Congress during the last general election to re-obtain power, that is after all how it has historically been midterm after midterm.

However, we do not live in normal times, NOTHING is guaranteed so there is no room for comfort, especially when our lives and the lives of our posterity are on the line, as is basic American liberties we tragically have taken for granted so long.

So, here are my three predictions of what will go down tomorrow, and how tomorrow’s highly likely GOP victory will impact the discourse and outcomes going forward.

First, the red wave will “open up like the elevator doors from the Shining” as podcaster Joe Rogan commented recently. Many politically apathetic Americans who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 did so assuming that things would “get back to normal.” It wasn’t that they disliked Trump all that much, but that Biden ensured a pre-pandemic “normalcy.” Over the past two years Democrats have expanded and exaggerated the Covid lockdowns to keep them alive as long as they possibly could. The botched withdrawal of Afghanistan, rampant inflation and food and gas prices have blackened the eye of the American family while at the same time we sent billions to the US proxy-war in Ukraine.

The Biden presidency is a version of the Obama presidency devoid of the appearance of some semblance of moderacy. There is no shame in what they do or how they do it. This is an “America last” administration through and through. There is no logical reasons the GOP shouldn’t encounter major wins across the board based on this sheer rejection of the road we’re on alone.

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Second, the war hawks in the GOP are losing the narrative regarding the war in Ukraine. GOP voters have largely rejected the blank checks sent the corrupt, CIA placed Ukrainian government and do not believe this is worth a nuclear war with Russia. The war hawks will attempt to white wash their records simply to salvage their credibility, but pro-liberty, anti-interventionists such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and others will lead the efforts to pull as much of our involvement out of the Ukrainian meat grinder as possible.

When Americans see the war in Ukraine, they’re thinking about the cost of food at home, gas in their car, and memories of their loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan who were sent to fight for corporate interests. They know that the media fairy tales about what is going on in Ukraine is meant to make them sacrifice their prosperity for a nation who would never do the same for us. It is time to let other countries fight their own wars before its too late.

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Finally, Biden will be impeached by House Republicans. What he will be impeached for matters less than what will happen when Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy predictably try and stop it. The real political realignment will not be between Democrats and Republicans on Tuesday, but what will happen when the new dividing line is between the anti and pro impeachment Republicans.

Pro-impeachment Republicans will surely bring up Hunter Biden’s laptop and how the Biden team attempted to cover for him at every point. The botched withdrawal in Afghanistan which still left Americans behind will absolutely be a talking point. The pro-impeachment crowd will attempt to keep Biden accountable but the anti-impeachment crowd will defend Biden not out of some support for what he has or hasn’t done, but because they’ll claim that to do so would impact negatively their chances of victory in 2024. Needless to say, the anti-impeachment crowd will protect Biden because the swamp always takes care of its own.

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