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Daily News: November 9, 2022 The Week-Election night’s biggest loser

Rafi  Schwartz
What the 2022 midterms mean for Trump and the GOP
Peter  Weber
Trump declared ‘the biggest loser’ of election night
Catherine  Garcia
Lindsey Graham: No ‘Republican wave, that’s for darn sure’
Theara  Coleman
What did voters decide about legal marijuana ballot measures?
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This Tech Company is Expanding Globally
Devika  Rao
Is Beto O’Rourke’s political career over?
Peter  Weber
7 House seats that changed parties in the 2022 election
Catherine  Garcia
Florida just elected someone born in 1997
Brendan  Morrow
Is the new season of The Crown a disappointment?
Recreational marijuana on the ballot in 5 states, 4 of them GOP strongholds
Justin Klawans
Elon Musk reportedly weighs paywall for the entirety of Twitter
Brendan Morrow
Jimmy Kimmel turns over monologue to his wife for midterms abortion rights plea
Brendan Morrow
Pennsylvania voters dash to cast new ballots after GOP lawsuit disqualified thousands of votes
Theara Coleman
Why Don Jr. is wading into a GOP leadership fight
Rafi Schwartz
Sen. Ron Johnson re-elected in Wisconsin, keeping key Senate seat red
November 9, 2022
Elon Musk abruptly scraps Twitter ‘official’ checkmark hours after launch
November 9, 2022
Which states had abortion on the ballot?
November 8, 2022
7 House seats that changed parties in the 2022 election
November 9, 2022

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