Voting goes mostly smoothly on Election Day as baseless fraud claims swirl

By , and , CNN

CNN  —  Voting rights advocates in key US states said Tuesday’s voting in the midterm elections appeared to be going smoothly as polls began to close across much of the country, with a few isolated problems reported, including in the key swing state of Arizona where issues with voting machines sparked baseless claims about fraud.

A handful of precincts in states across the country were keeping polls open later for a variety of reasons, such as polling places opening late or running out of paper to print ballots.

In Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous, Republicans filed a lawsuit seeking to keep polls open three hours after they were scheduled to close, claiming there were excessive delays and long lines due to ballot tabulator malfunctions. A county judge, however, denied the request, saying that while some voters may have been confused or faced difficulties, he “does not have any evidence” voters were unable to vote.

Maricopa County officials said tabulators had tech issues in about 20% of its voting locations. Maricopa County chairman Bill Gates and recorder Stephen Richer advised voters experiencing issues to put their ballots inside a secure box attached to the tabulators and assured they would be counted by bipartisan vote counters after polls close.

“There was no one who came today with a valid ID who was turned away from the polls,” Gates told reporters Tuesday afternoon. “Even when we had this [issue] and we hadn’t figured out the solution, people were still able to vote. It was just a matter of maybe not voting in the way they wanted to.”


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