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The Lighthouse Weekly Newsletter: November 8, 2022 Vote Like a Woman | Time-Change Madness | Selling Votes?

November 8, 2022  •  Weekly Newsletter
Vote Like a Woman

Naomi R. Wolf (Outspoken with Dr. Naomi Wolf)

How you vote on Tuesday is not, properly understood, a Red issue. It is not a Blue issue. How you vote on Tuesday—properly understood—is a women’s issue. And no woman wants to “Co-Parent with the Government.” And neither do the men. Liberty itself is on the ballot. READ MORE »
Tyranny & Misinformation in the COVID-19
Pandemic Crisis: Naomi Wolf Interviewed

Vote Selling and Voter Behavior

Randall G. Holcombe

The secret ballot, among other things, prevents the selling of votes. The vote being secret, the purchaser cannot be certain that the seller voted as promised. But mail-in voting could open the doors to vote buying by organized interest groups. How is that democracy? READ MORE »

Liberty in Peril

Democracy and Power in American History

By Randall G. Holcombe

INDEPENDENT OUTLOOK: Paypal Goes Political, Ukraine Towards the Brink, Harris Hurricane Relief

Is Russia getting desperate over Ukraine? Here at home, what in the world did PayPal think it was doing when it announced financial penalties for “misinformation”? And what did Kamala Harris mean when she said that hurricane relief would be allocated according to racial equity? READ MORE »

Stop the Madness of Mandatory Time Changes!

William F. Shughart II

Why do we reset our clocks back in the fall? To overcome the stupidity of springing them forward into Daylight Savings Time in March. And back the clocks should stay. For starters, we’ll see a drop in heart attacks, strokes, automobile accidents, and visits to the emergency room. READ MORE »

Permissible and Impermissible Incendiary Speech?

Victor Davis Hanson (American Greatness)

Tone down the political fireworks lest the nation’s unhinged translate such rhetoric to violence? Sure. But let’s remember that what most see as progressive incendiary rhetoric is, for the Left, the necessary talk, the sacred “context,” of “social justice”—which justifies everything, including (especially?) violence. READ MORE »

Is Social Justice Just?

The Independent Review, Summer 2019

Like Soviets and Russians Before, China Is a Hollow Threat

Ivan Eland (Inside Sources)

The future Chinese threat to U.S. security is likely to be as hollow as the one from Russia has proved to be. President’s Xi increasing state control of the economy will make it poorer, thus less able to fund further a military already likely weakened by as corrupt an officer class as Russia’s. In an actual fight? China will be more a paper tiger than we may think. READ MORE »

In Search of Monsters to Destroy

The Folly of American Empire and the Paths to Peace

By Christopher J. Coyne

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