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NEW VIDEO: Teddy Roosevelt and American Imperialism

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Like the creation of the Federal Reserve, the Spanish-American War is one of those events that gets only a brief mention in traditional high school history textbooks, yet this war initiated by Teddy Roosevelt, America’s first progressive president, transformed America’s place in the world forever.

Learn how the explosion aboard an American naval ship moored in Havana’s harbor provided the perfect justification for an expansion of military power that Roosevelt had long desired.

Nationalism and American imperialism flourished during the Roosevelt presidency, and they take center stage in this episode of our animated series America: From Republic to Empire. This episode also examines how the late nineteenth century led to a broader conflict between traditional imperial powers and upstart national liberation movements.

From the mind of Historical Controversies‘ Chris Calton, America: From Republic to Empire, focusing on war and the state, is the Mises Institute’s newest animated series. Catch up on our first three episodes, “What Is Empire?,” “Standing Armies,” and “Manifest Destiny,” now!

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This project was made possible by the generosity of Jim Kluttz.

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