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The Nation Weekly: November 4, 2022 Hope in ketamine therapy, vote Working Families Party, undocumented literature, and more

While Ellen Meyers struggled with the grief of losing her father and husband, losing her only child to an accidental drug overdose incited a new kind of internal turmoil: “I found myself obsessively trying to undo all I had ever done, desperate to create a different outcome.”

But Meyers has found a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel — through ketamine therapy, which a psychiatrist administers for several hours at a time. The drug has allowed Meyers to feel the weight of her loss a little less now. She’s discovered a new way to find hope.

Finding Hope Through Ketamine Therapy
Ellen Meyers has lived with the consuming grief of losing her only child for more than a decade. Ketamine therapy is helping her find some peace at last.
Ellen Meyers
Vote the Working Families Party Line
Signal your support for a more economically fair and inclusive New York.
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Javier Zamora and the Canon of Undocumented Literature
The poet’s memoir joins a growing body of work chronicling the personal and political odysseys undocumented Americans face.
Jesús A. Rodríguez
How a Royal Visit Helped Weaken the Crown’s Grip on the Caribbean
William and Kate’s springtime tour didn’t spark the movement for independence and reparations in the Caribbean, but it did stoke it.
Michela Moscufo
Black Friday: A Good Day to “Make Amazon Pay”
And “peak season” is the right time for coordinated actions.
Rand Wilson, Peter Olney
How We Win the Midterms, Plus Black Landowners in North Carolina
On this week’s episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, Steve Phillips on voting, and Cameron Oglesby on Piney Woods.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Student Debt and Democracy
On this week’s episode of The Time of Monsters, Astra Taylor joins the show to discuss the politics and morality of debt.
Jeet Heer

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