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Jose Nino’s Digest: November 22, 2022 Lawmakers are Demanding the Biden Regime Ban Homemade Firearms Blueprints

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Emmanuel Macron Stated that Foreign Nationals are Responsible for Committing Half of the Crimes in Paris

Oftentimes reality is too strong of a force to ignore even for the most politically correct of political figures. During an interview late last month on the France 2 television channel, French President Emannuel Macron revealed that foreign nationals…

Nov 02, 2022Big League Politics

El Nino Speaks 69: How “Anti-War” Libertarians and Conservatives Parrot Deep State Narratives During the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

Share Are so-called “anti-war” conservatives and libertarians dropping the ball on foreign policy? George Szamuely, co-host of The Gaggle, believes that these two groups undermine effective anti-interventionist messaging by accepting many of the…

Nov 02, 2022Substack

Lawmakers are Demanding the Biden Regime Ban Homemade Firearms Blueprints

California Congressman Mike Thompson, along with several members of California’s congressional delegation, pressed the Biden regime to hold manufacturers liable for homemade firearms. A copy of the letter that Reclaim the Net was able to obtain can…

Nov 02, 2022Big League Politics

Iran Blames US Intelligence Agencies for Stoking Domestic Unrest

According to the statement, the CIA, British intelligence agencies, Israel’s Mossad and the Saudi Arabia intelligence “played an obvious role in the riots and violence.” The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps…

Nov 01, 2022Big League Politics

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