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The Lighthouse Weekly Newsletter: November 21, 2022 Bloated U.S. Welfare State| Needed: College Basics | Fed Mission Creep

November 1, 2022  •  Weekly Newsletter
What I Bet You Don’t Know about Poverty, Inequality and the Role of Government

John C. Goodman ( Forbes)

A recent study concludes that “the U.S. redistributes a greater share of national income to low-income groups than any European country.” That means the U.S. welfare state is actually larger than the European welfare states. Can Bernie Sanders please retire now? READ MORE »

New Way to Care

Social Protections that Put Families First

By John C. Goodman

Colleges: Go Back to Basics

Richard K. Vedder (The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)

At America’s universities, the number of administrators is larger than the number of faculty. That means students, through bloated government loans, finance an army of apparatchiks who neither teach those students nor expand the frontiers of knowledge. Time perhaps for some lay-offs? READ MORE »

Restoring the Promise

Higher Education in America

By Richard K. Vedder

The Fed’s Mission Creep Has Turned Its Monetary Policy into a Failed Mission

Burton A. Abrams and James L. Butkiewicz (Washington Examiner)

Politicized and morphing into a fourth branch of government, the Fed badly needs reform. First steps: limit the Fed to its dual mandate (price stability and high employment), require 60% support in the Senate for confirmation—and (novel idea) only confirm experts in monetary economics. READ MORE »

The Terrible 10

A Century of Economic Folly

By Burton A. Abrams

Economic Growth, Bad Science and Climate Alarmism

David Barker

Fed officials claim that global warming will cut economic growth worldwide by a third. Actually, if we do nothing about the weather, the world in 2100 will be nearly five times richer than it is today. READ MORE »

Hot Talk, Cold Science (2021)

Global Warming’s Unfinished Debate (Revised and Expanded Third Edition)

By S. Fred Singer et al.

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