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Love Like There’s No Yesterday

Listen to a reading of “Love Like There’s No Yesterday”:


Love like there’s no yesterday
like you’re the first to ever love
like it’s fresh and for the first time
because it is fresh and for the first time
and the illusion otherwise is just a trick of human perception

Love like a hermit crab that said fuck it
and cast aside its shell forever

Love like a three year-old rides a tricycle

Love like the nukes just started flying

Love like two middle aged bloggers
making out in the rain while Australia floods

Love like cobwebs and calliopes

Love like a geyser of starlings
pouring from your chest cave

Love like God just cracked you open
and gazed at all the parts of you you’re most ashamed of
the things you feel most guilty about
and chuckled sweetly
at how you think any of that matters
in this roaring ocean of infinity

Love like an intimate ultrasound
of the world that’s waiting to be born

Love like everyone’s watching
and you’re a slutty little attention whore

Love like peacock angels in screaming orgasm

Love like you deserve to love
and be loved
because you do
because you do
I swear to you on my accordion heart
and my warzone womb
and my eyes that are brimming with my grandmother’s tears
you deserve to love and be loved
you do
you do
and it is safe
and it is right
and it is good

Love like tender holiness kisses

Love like swampwater messiahs

Love like watching My Dinner with Andre for the very first time
home alone with the lights out
and a box of tissues
and a mind full of wonder

Love like eating an orange while listening to crickets

Love like a heartfelt impromptu pop song serenade
from an adoring lover
who cannot sing

Love like a mother noticing that her prattling child
will never be that age again

Love like you are a very young primate
in a very old universe you do not understand
and your accomplishments mean nothing
because everything’s so big
so all that matters is love
and loving

Love like a scarecrow saint

Love like a balrog buddha

Love like babies eating ice cream

Love big

Love hard

Empty the tank

Leave it all in the ring

There’s nothing to save it for anyway




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