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Violence against Rand Paul? A-OK

By Tom Woods

I’ve heard a lot of people claim that our media and political classes are hypocrites, since they take completely different positions depending on whose ox is being gored.

So they’re outraged (or at least they used to be) when a Republican bombs some foreign country, but look the other way (or positively cheer) when a Democrat does it.

They can question an election, but you can’t.

They can compare a president to a dictator from history, but you can’t.

And on and on it goes.

But I think accusing them of hypocrisy is to implicitly assume they hold values they do not hold.

It’s like when people say the Puritans were “hypocrites” because they sought religious freedom for themselves but denied it to others.

That claim is always a sign of an ill-read person.

At no time did the Puritans claim to be championing the abstract right to “religious liberty,” which would have appalled them. They favored religious liberty for themselves because they believed they were offering the kind of worship that was pleasing to God. They were not Enlightenment liberals calling for the recognition of natural rights around the world.

So they weren’t hypocrites, because the principle they are accused of violating is one they never claimed to support.

Likewise for today’s establishment and its hangers-on. They are not claiming to be impartial. Their actions can be understood far better if we bear in mind the principle they do uphold: we hate you, and we favor ourselves and our interests.

In light of that, seeming cases of hypocrisy like the below suddenly make more sense. It isn’t that they’re being unfaithful to their principles. These are their principles:

And finally, a quick reminder: my great friend Mikkel Thorup is an expert on international relocation and expat issues — he’s visited 100 countries himself and lived in nine, and has been an expat himself for over 20 years.

Well, if you never thought you’d be considering your international options, and yet thanks to the crazies in the U.S. here you are doing it (whether you’re thinking about outright relocation or measures short of that, like second citizenships and the like) then Mikkel is your man.

He’s putting on a free virtual event, just around the corner, that I thought you might be interested in, covering everything you need to know about the expat life: migration, residencies, citizenship, investment, the expat lifestyle and more.

It’s just been announced that Ron Paul will be speaking, alongside Doug Casey, Liberland founder Vit Jedlicka, and an array of experts whose combined expertise makes this surely the number-one expat event of the year.

If all this arouses your curiosity, you can still access a free ticket to the event at this link:

Tom Woods

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