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Morning News: October 29, 2022 Epoch Times- FBI Makes Major Statement on Seth Rich Case; Reports Say Clarence Thomas Dined With DeSantis—There’s One Major Problem With That

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”
FBI Makes Major Statement on Seth Rich Case
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Media & Big Tech

Reports Say Clarence Thomas Dined With DeSantis—There’s One Major Problem With That

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A Guide to the Latest Situation on Mail-In Ballots and the Likelihood of Voter Fraud in Swing States

With less than two weeks left until the midterm elections, many Americans are wondering about the possibility of a 2020 replay.

This is why The Epoch Times published a new special report that gives you the latest situation on mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and the likelihood of voter fraud in swing states.

Subscribe to The Epoch Times for 2 months for $1 and you will receive our new special report Election Integrity: Is Your Vote Secure? sent to your home for FREE!

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EpochTV Live

The Real Story of January 6 | Documentary

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Democrats Divided: AOC Takes Aim at Biden for This

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Italy Plans to Allow Unvaccinated Health Care Workers to Return to Work

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2022 Midterm Elections

House Democrats’ Campaign Chief Risks Losing His Seat in Deep Blue New York

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Media & Big Tech

Musk Now Owns Twitter–What Does This Mean for Free Speech?

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2022 Midterm Elections

Midterm Elections May Offer Last Chance to Avert Economic Disaster: Experts

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First-Ever Election Day Total Lunar Eclipse to Rise in US on Nov. 8—And It Won’t Happen Again Until 2394

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The Larry Elder Show

Ep. 75: Hillary Accuses GOP of Planning to Steal 2024 Election | The Larry Elder Show

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Facts Matter

Use the ‘Wisdom of Ronald Reagan’ to Deal With a Belligerent Russia: Jeffrey Lord | Facts Matter

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#1 Item To Hoard In 2022

Food prices have skyrocketed, and according to leading industry sources, grocery stores across the United States are worried about food shortages. Experts say more grocery hoarding may come as disruptions push America’s food supply “near its breaking point”.

As a result of this crisis, survival food is more important than ever.

If you don’t take action or if you stockpile the wrong foods, you could be setting your family up to go hungry in a time of crisis. Obviously, waiting for the government to give me a handout in a crisis just isn’t an option for me.

➞ Demand is surging – get your survival food right here

Victor Davis Hanson
The Switcheroos of the Two Parties
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Jeffrey A. Tucker
How Good Is the GDP News?
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