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America This Week, October 23-29

“Chaos agent” reign begins on Twitter, Meta, Credit Suisse suffer cratering episodes, Peace caucus self-harms, Diesel vanishes, Chinese secret police stations outed, three finance headlines, and more

Welcome back to America This Week, the column that may now lose market advantage if new Twitter chief Elon Musk re-allows humor. Reminder: to hear the podcast version of America This Week with Walter Kirn and myself, please click here.

It was a busy week in American news, with several major financial catastrophes flying under the radar thanks to the consensus top story involving the “chaos agent” Musk. Details on the very bad weeks for Meta, Credit Suisse, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and the Federal Reserve, plus an investigative journalism coup overseas, election news, and more:

Pelosi Attack Obviously one of the biggest stories of the week, if not the biggest, is the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The assailant asked, “Where’s Nancy?” before fracturing Paul’s skull. ATW heads for publication before key details are known, particularly with regard to the suspect, who is poised to be charged with attempted homicide and other felonies. Retiring Republican Senator Ben Sasse said, “Disturbed individuals easily succumb to conspiracy theories and rage,” which is true, but as of this writing little appears known about motives. Updates TK.


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