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The Nation Weekly: October 28, 2022 The life coaching industrial complex, RIP Mike Davis, Kanye West, and more

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“I soon discovered that improving my dating prospects through the coaching model wouldn’t just be about persistence and higher vibrational energy—it would require focusing on building and expanding my personal brand,” writes Geoffrey Mak.

In his essay for our latest issue, Mak recounts his personal experience seeing a life coach, his realization about the forces of “personal branding,” and his conclusions about the coaching industry at large, which makes millions of dollars off of struggling people.

I Wanted a Boyfriend. My Life Coach Told Me to Become a Commodity.
Life coaching offered the energy and promise I was looking for—until I learned what it wanted from me in return.
Geoffrey Mak
Mike Davis: 1946–2022
A brilliant radical reporter with a novelist’s eye and a historian’s memory.
Jon Wiener
Ye of Toxic Faith: Behind the Kanye Downfall
Ben Schwartz
How Useful Is Theory In Moments of Crisis?
A conversation with sociologist Dylan Riley about the state of left politics, defending social theory as a political tool, and his new book Microverses.
Ishan Desai-Geller
The Reactionary Prophet of Silicon Valley
How the blogger formerly known as Mencius Moldbug came to exert a quiet influence on the corporate and political far right.
Chris Lehmann
Stacey Abrams Explains Her Work, and Remembering Mike Davis
On this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, we talk with the Georgia gubernatorial candidate and play an interview with the late author and friend of The Nation, Mike Davis.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Speaks!
On this episode of the Edge of Sports podcast, former NBA star and activist Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf joins the show to talk about his new book.
Dave Zirin

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