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Morning News: October 28, 2022 Epoch Times-Supreme Court Issues Major Jan. 6 Ruling

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”
Supreme Court Issues Major Jan. 6 Ruling
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Media & Big Tech

Elon Musk Finally Buys Twitter, Fires Top Executives

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A Guide to the Latest Situation on Mail-In Ballots and the Likelihood of Voter Fraud in Swing States

With less than two weeks left until the midterm elections, many Americans are wondering about the possibility of a 2020 replay.

This is why The Epoch Times published a new special report that gives you the latest situation on mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and the likelihood of voter fraud in swing states.

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How COVID Vaccines and Fake Data Drove People Insane: Justin Hart

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2022 Midterm Elections

The Important Midterm Elections Nobody Is Paying Attention To

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2022 Midterm Elections

The Number of Mail-In Ballots Cast So Far in 2022 Will Shock You

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GOP Lawmakers Seek Answers on Boston University’s ‘Potentially Risky’ COVID-19 Experiments on Mice

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2022 Midterm Elections

Trump Makes Major Announcement Ahead of Midterms

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2022 Midterm Elections

Midterm Elections Updates: Biden Says Republican Plan Will Boost Inflation

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First-Ever Election Day Total Lunar Eclipse to Rise in US on Nov. 8—And It Won’t Happen Again Until 2394

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Truth Over News

Newly Discovered FBI Email Provides the Final Piece of the Fabricated Trump-Russia Collusion Puzzle | Truth Over News

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American Thought Leaders

‘The Medical Profession Has Been Destroyed’: Dr. Richard Amerling on Following the ‘Guidelines,’ Research Malpractice, and the Medical School Paradigm

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Amid a devious plot orchestrated by Haman, the principal minister, Esther stood before the king to plead her case. Haman had convinced King Ahasuerus to have all the Jewish people living in the land killed, but what he had not realized was that his new wife, Esther, was herself a Jewish woman! Watch as the new queen risks her own life and secures safety for the Jewish people. You will be blessed by this incredible story of a brave and faithful woman of God in The Bible Collection: Esther.

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Victor Davis Hanson
The Switcheroos of the Two Parties
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Jeffrey A. Tucker
How Good Is the GDP News?
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