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The Historians Are Liars, Too

By Tom Woods

It’s almost eerie, isn’t it, how systematic and coordinated the daily attack on truth is.

Even the headlines — the headlines! — are propaganda.

Whether it’s Nicholas Sandmann and Covington Catholic High School, or matters of graver import like the war in Iraq, the housing crash of 2008, the Covid fiasco, Ukraine/Russia, or “climate change,” we watch in horror on a daily basis as a barrage of propaganda is transmitted to the American public.

If the narrative about current events is this distorted, why would we expect the narratives of history to be any better?

This is why we need revisionism, that demonized word and idea. Revisionism simply means taking a second look at the received version of events.

Without revisionism, today’s propaganda becomes tomorrow’s history.

The standard view involves claims like: the Industrial Revolution was a calamity for average people, the Great Depression was caused by capitalism run amok, the New Deal lifted the United States out of the Depression, and so on.

All of those statements are false.

Unfortunately, revisionists have not yet been victorious on these topics, but thanks to them we at least have alternatives to the narrative.

Revisionists had a bit more success after World War I, when the Official Narrative said that Germany was exclusively responsible for the outbreak of that conflict. Revisionists thought: if after this horrific event all you’re going to walk away with is something as doltish as “Germany is evil,” then mankind will not have learned a thing about war, the motivations behind it, or how it might be prevented.

Those of you who listen to the Tom Woods Show will recall episode #2222, released last week, on the importance of revisionism.

Now one good thing about the decentralization of communications and the gathering of information is that the official voices no longer monopolize the conversation. That means that revisionism can be taking place in real time, simultaneously with the lies.

That’s exactly what’s happened with Covid.

We know the official line: we were saved from a deadly virus thanks to the interventions of wise experts, and thanks to the lockdowns-and-masks regime.

Without revisionism, that’s what the history of this period is going to look like. Count on it.

This is why I am so insistent on supporting revisionist accounts of what we’ve been living through. It would be catastrophic for Anthony Fauci to be remembered as the hero of this ordeal.

Hence the significance of the documentary film I am working so hard to promote: The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

This is revisionism happening before our eyes.

The free viewing period will be coming to an end shortly, so please do make the effort to watch — especially since they’ve now added part two, which many of you have been asking me about.

Please click here and grab it:

Tom Woods

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