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Morning News: October 26, 2022 Epoch Times- Biden Says Student Debt Program Passed by Congress—There’s 1 Problem With That

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.”
Executive Branch
Biden Says Student Debt Program Passed by Congress—There’s 1 Problem With That
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US News

Major Dry Shampoo Brands Recalled Over Cancer-Causing Chemical

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Election Integrity: Is Your Vote Secure?

During the 2020 elections, concerns mounted over the integrity of the vote. Now we’re at the 2022 midterms. Have all problems been fixed? Will voter fraud be investigated and prosecuted? Is your vote secure?

You can find out answers to these questions in our new special report Election Integrity: Is Your Vote Secure?

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American Thought Leaders

Dr. Paul Marik: Spike-Related Diseases, Gaslighting of the Vaccine Injured, and the Suppression of Early Treatment

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2022 Midterm Elections

In Debate, DeSantis Delivers Surprise Comeback When Challenged on 2024 Ambitions

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US Features

EXCLUSIVE: Oath Keeper Actually Helped Rescue Police on Jan. 6

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2022 Midterm Elections

Stunning Number of Americans Have Voted Already—More to Come

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2022 Midterm Elections

Democrat Pollsters Express Alarm 2 Weeks Before 2022 Midterms

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Group Starts Observing Drop Boxes, Gets Sued for Intimidation

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Ex-Atheist Artist Nearly Dies, Recalls Jesus Saving Him From Hell—And Returns to Paint Pictures of the Lord

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Truth Over News

New Study Provides Compelling Evidence of Lab Origin of COVID-19

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Russia Claims Ukraine Plans to Detonate ‘Dirty Bomb’; CCP Prepares for War

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NOW PLAYING IN SELECT THEATRES—Eternal Spring (長春) The heist of China’s airwaves—When Falun Gong members hack China’s state TV to expose repression, lives are changed. Director Jason Loftus and artist Daxiong tell the resilient story of those fighting for freedom of belief in the first animation, documentary, and Mandarin film to represent Canada for best international feature at the 2023 Oscars®. Get tickets now! Opens Oct.21 at select AMC theatres across the country.
Roger L. Simon
The COVID School Report May Be Fauci’s Worst Legacy, and Ours
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Aaron Kheriaty
Fauci and Others Will Be Deposed
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