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Marijuana company sued for not making customers high enough

By Khristopher J. Brook, CBS News

A California cannabis company is being sued by two local consumers for allegedly lying about the potency of its products.

Jasper Centeno of Long Beach and Blake Wilson of Fresno filed a lawsuit in state court last week accusing DreamFields Brands of false advertising, intentional misrepresentation and unjust enrichment, among other charges.

At issue in the case is how much Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is contained in DreamFields’ Jeeter pre-roll products. THC is the chemical found in cannabis that gives users a high.

DreamFields markets its products as having higher than average levels of THC, but an independent laboratory test found the pre-rolls do not have a higher concentration of the chemical, lawyers for Centeno and Wilson alleged. In one instance, a Jeeter product labeled as having a THC content of 46% was found to contain between 23% and 27%, the lawsuit states.

“Consumers are willing to pay more for cannabis products with higher THC content, and expect to pay less for cannabis products with lower THC content,” attorney Christin Cho, who is representing the plaintiffs, said in a statement.


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