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Rising: October 25, 2022 Progressives FINALLY Push Biden To Seek Peace In Ukraine, Establishment STRIKES BACK

Progressives FINALLY push Biden to seek peace in Ukraine, establishment STRIKES BACK: Brie & Robby

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Democratic lawmakers finally pressing President Biden to change the U.S.’s strategy in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, pushing for negotiations with Russia instead of supporting Ukraine indefinitely. #Russia #Ukraine #RussiaUkrainewar

Robby Soave: Covid vaccine MANDATES are coming to a school near you—don’t be FOOLED

Robby Soave makes the case that adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the immunization schedule is wrong, and the choice of vaccinating kids should be left up to their families.

Adidas CUTS TIES with Kanye West, will no longer produce ‘Yeezy’ line after antisemitism controversy

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Adidas’ announcement that they are terminating their relationship with Kanye West. The company released a statement calling Ye’s recent anti-Semitic statements “unacceptable, hateful and dangerous.”

Ron DeSantis vS. Charlie Crist: Florida candidates DEBATE on lockdowns, abortion, career ambition

Florida reporter Libbey Dean recaps the gubernatorial debate between Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist.

Independent women DESERT Democrats en masse in MASSIVE 32-point swing since September: Poll

Panelists Tezlyn Figaro and Inez Stepman debate the results of a new poll showing a shift among independent voters, which is that they are leaning more towards voting for Republicans in the midterm elections.

Pelosi DEFLECTS Economy Criticism: It’s ‘Not About Inflation, It’s About COST OF LIVING’

Democrats try to shift the narrative on skyrocketing inflation, saying it’s “global problem,” not just an issue gripping the U.S. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave weigh in.

Biden DEFENDS teens’ right to gender-affirming care, says GOP lawmakers are IMMORAL

President Biden is facing backlash from conservatives online after he hosted transgender activists at the White House for an interview. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave give their takes.

Hillary Clinton: Right-wingers plot to ‘LITERALLY STEAL’ the election in 2024

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned against “right-wing extremists,” saying they are threatening to steal the 2024 presidential election.

Donald Trump falsely claims the 2020 election was stolen.


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was in the hot seat on Monday’s episode of “The View.” The hosts of the show grilled him on everything from the economy, midterms, climate, and his relationship with former President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump falsely claims the 2020 election was stolen.


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