The Most Dangerous Thing is the Insouciance of People as to What is Going On

Geopolitics and Empire

“The very surely American sabotage of the NordStream gas pipelines showed what NATO was capable of! Let us beware: they are capable of the worst, up to the false flag use of an atomic weapon to globalize the conflict!” Florian Philippot

Ed Curtin: The Most Dangerous Thing is the Insouciance of People as to What is Going On

Ed Curtin discusses the precarious global geopolitical situation teetering on World War 3 and how in the current Cuban Missile Crisis Redux we do not have a global leadership that can use reason to solve the problem. The most dangerous thing is the insouciance of most people to what is going on, the populace is focused on trivial pursuits, and has been tranquilized. He wouldn’t be surprised if we wake up one day soon and we see news that nukes have gone off. Putin is doing what any sane leader would do, defending his country from surrounding NATO forces. It’s quite obvious that the U.S. is the leading rogue nation in the world. A multipolar world is slowly coming into view.

ANALYSIS: Will Scotland Secede from the United Kingdom?

The SNP is leading the charge. Curiously, the SNP supports independence from the UK but wants to have Scotland join the EU. Other movements such as the Scottish Sovereignty party, headed by David McHutchon, want Scotland to not only leave the UK but also stay out of the EU and NATO.

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Was Covid a U.S. Biowarfare Attack Against the Multipolar World?

Since April 2020 Ron Unz has published a long series of articles arguing that the Covid outbreak was due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran). Now, Jeffrey Sachs, the Russian MoD, and others are making similar suggestions.

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Ron Unz on Covid & Biowarfare

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