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The Elite Movement Laying the Foundation for a MAGA That Will Outlast Trump and Remake America: Inside NatCon Part I

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“Most people can’t even articulate a political thought. Like, why do they get to vote? It’s stupid.”

It’s the evening of September 11, and I’m sipping whiskey by the bar at a 4-star resort hotel in Miami, as a 29-year-old financial analyst, R., outlines his desire to dismantle democracy with an intense, focused composure. All around us, dozens of mostly young white men sporting smart blazers—a motley crew of conservative political operatives, think tank analysts, journalists, academics, and students—mingle by the resort’s open-air pool and palm trees, cigars and drinks in hand, sharing their own distaste for liberal democracy, and their plans to turn that distaste into action. One day into the third annual National Conservatism conference, and after a long afternoon of impassioned speeches about the culture war, R. is fired up—and maybe slightly drunk.

“I reject equality,” R. tells me as I strain to hide my alarm behind a veneer of curiosity. Citing fascist thinkers like Julius Evola and Carl Schmitt, he endorses white nationalist ‘race realism’—the pseudoscientific theory that different racial groups carry biological and genetic differences that manifest in group disparities in IQ, wealth, moral and social norms, and more—and rails against “bio-Leninism,” the Left’s supposed strategy to mobilize biologically low-status social groups in order to win power.


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  1. The profession of witch hunter is an inherently dishonest one. I mean, this guy is out there *looking* for witches so you can’t trust what he’s telling you beyond bare bones description.

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