The absurd Alex Jones verdict

By Tom Woods

This is one of those emails that will “cull the list,” as they say.

If you haven’t heard the Tom Woods Show episode featuring Robert Barnes on the Alex Jones trials, you should. It will shock you.

Yes, I am well aware of what Jones said. I do not need to be reminded. I’ve had people telling me all week. It reminds me of 2020, when people would explain to me that we needed to “social distance” in order to “flatten the curve,” as if I hadn’t heard the establishment line a hundred thousand times already.


But regardless of what someone does, there are certain procedural norms that are to be followed in a trial. And whether you like the defendant or not should have nothing to do with whether those norms are observed.

Please resist the urge to reply to this email by telling me off. If you haven’t listened to what Barnes has to say, I am not interested in your opinion. I can hear it in every major news outlet.

Folks, an FBI agent on the case, who knew none of the Sandy Hook families, collected $90 million in damages. That is insane.

There’s far more insanity than just that, so I urge you to listen:


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