Israel’s Support for Ukraine ‘Should Be Total,’ Declares Prominent French-Jewish Intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy in Interview

By Ben Cohen, The Algemeiner

As Russia sends Iranian-manufactured drones hurtling into Ukrainian cities, destroying power and water plants and other vital infrastructure, the debate over Israeli policy towards the ongoing Russian invasion has been reignited, with growing support among Israelis for the supply of military aid to the government in Kyiv.

For the French Jewish philosopher and human rights advocate Bernard-Henri Lévy, the use of Iranian weaponry by Russian forces graphically underlines what he regards as Ukraine and Israel’s shared predicament, with both countries facing down adversaries who deny their basic legitimacy as nations.

“It’s the same sort of denial of an identity and of the existence of a nation,” Lévy told The Algemeiner during an extensive telephone interview on Wednesday, as he prepared for the release of his latest documentary film, Pourquoi l’Ukraine (“Why Ukraine”), at a special screening at UN Headquarters in New York next week

“This is why the support of Israel to Ukraine should be total,” Lévy said. “They confront a similar existential threat.”


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