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Daily News: October 19, 2022 The Week-The Alex Jones verdict and the lasting damage of misinformation

Justin  Klawans
The Alex Jones verdict and the lasting damage of misinformation
Joel  Mathis
The virus making Emmanuel the Emu sick, explained
Peter  Weber
Why Russia is still trying to capture Bakhmut
Advertisement by Enbridge
Lowering emissions today for clean energy systems tomorrow. Learn how.
Devika  Rao
The consequences of a plastic-filled world
Catherine  Garcia
IRS raises standard deduction and tax brackets for 2023
Brendan  Morrow
Anna May Wong to be 1st Asian American on U.S. currency
Brendan  Morrow
Andor: The best Star Wars Easter eggs and tie-ins
Grayson Quay, Devika  Rao
Will Donald Trump run for president in 2024?
Russia to receive additional weapons from Iran, report says
Justin Klawans
Chris Cuomo grills Kanye West on his ‘ugly’ antisemitic comments: ‘What you’re saying is not right’
Brendan Morrow
Special Counsel John Durham’s final case goes to the jury after a series of prosecutorial setbacks
Peter Weber
Missy Elliott honored in her Virginia hometown of Portsmouth, receives key to the city
Kelsee Majette
Florida officials warn of spike in potentially deadly skin infections after Hurricane Ian
Catherine Garcia
Adam Laxalt, hardline immigration candidate for GOP, had undocumented grandmother: Report
October 19, 2022
Ukraine asks Israel for Iron Dome defense system to stop Russian attacks
October 19, 2022
New York City opens first tent shelter site for displaced migrants
October 19, 2022
Trump expected to sit for Wednesday deposition in E. Jean Carroll lawsuit
October 19, 2022

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