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Truth is Treason…

“What is being done by big pharma, the banks, and the government that supports them, will lead to actual harm and disaster for numerous individuals.” Published 10/14/22

A recent study done by the Heart Rhythm Society published this week makes the claim that video games are a cause of cardiac arrest in children.

The Sun: “Video games could trigger heart attacks in children with undiagnosed heart issues, new research has revealed.

Some kids are born with irregular heart rhythm, otherwise known as an arrhythmia, and don’t even find out unless they get tested…

Australian experts have said the adrenaline surge from the excitement of playing a game can prove lethal to kids with this condition.

They found that multiplayer war games were the most dangerous as they sparked the most heart attacks in kids…

Co-investigator Doctor Christian Turner, of Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Sydney said: ‘We already know that some children have heart conditions that can put them at risk when playing competitive sports. But we were shocked to discover that some patients were having life-threatening blackouts during video gaming.’ He added: ‘Video gaming was something I previously thought would be an alternative ‘safe activity.”

Well, add video games, along with marijuana, the sun, etc. to the growing list of “newly discovered causes” of  heart attacks. What this ever growing list actually is is a bunch of scapegoats for the real reason behind the sudden increase in heart attacks: the CoronaVirus vaccines. Of course, this is not being talked about seriously in the mainstream media, other than when they are making up excuses and or playing cover for the vaccines. But studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between people who have received these vaccines and people who suddenly experience heart problems.


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