The Costs of Germany’s Support for Ukraine

by Peter Zeihan on October 14, 2022

I’m frequently asked why the Germans aren’t doing more to support Ukraine. My response is: are you fully aware of how much they’ve already put on the line?

The industrial heart of Europe has already severed–economically, politically, physically–with its largest foreign energy supplier. Berlin’s economy is unlikely to recover in the short to medium term, and their demography makes a strong case that Germany will never return to the level of economic stability seen during Angela Merkel’s long tenure as chancellor.

With that being said–don’t count out the Germans just yet. Germany has already increased its level of materiel support following a series of Russian missile strikes, including one that hit its visa office in Kyiv. I suspect we’ll see more supplies heading to Ukraine from Germany as Kyiv continues its push to retake territory from Russia this winter.

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