U.S. Empire & Neoliberal Globalism Stretching Thin, World’s Getting Sick of It

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Lucas Gage: U.S. Empire & Neoliberal Globalism Stretching Thin, World’s Getting Sick of It

USMC Veteran Lucas Gage discusses joining the marines after 9/11 and then becoming disillusioned with the GWOT, Military-Industrial-Complex, and American Empire. U.S. Empire or neoliberal globalism has basically taken over the planet with cultural, financial, and military conquest, but it’s stretching itself thin and the world’s getting sick of it. The U.S. has put Ukraine on a suicide mission and doesn’t’ give a damn about the country. The American political elite are keeping the nation divided (e.g. race, vaxxed, gender) as they pillage the country. American under Biden looks weak and WW3 is not impossible. He gives some tips on activism and planting seeds of peace and truth.

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Was Covid a U.S. Biowarfare Attack Against the Multipolar World?

Since April 2020 Ron Unz has published a long series of articles arguing that the Covid outbreak was due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran). Now, Jeffrey Sachs, the Russian MoD, and others are making similar suggestions.

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Ron Unz on Covid & Biowarfare

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