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Jose Nino’s Digest: October 12, 2022 POLL: Majority of Young Americans Oppose Further Arms Sales to Israel, and more

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POLL: Majority of Young Americans Oppose Further Arms Sales to Israel

According to an opinion poll conducted and released by the Eurasia Group Foundation (EGF), a majority of young Americans are against the continued sale of United States arms sales to Israel. Per Press TV, 53% of the poll respondents between the ages…

Oct 12, 2022Big League Politics

Paul Gosar: “Vladimir Putin Didn’t Triple Your Gas Prices”

With energy prices surging in the United States and Europe potentially facing a brutal winter, the political classes in the Collective West are quickly blaming Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for this price surge. Hating on Russian President Vladimir…

Oct 12, 2022Big League Politics

Bill Gates Poured $200 Million in Digital ID Ventures

According to a post by Frank Bergman of Slay News, Microsoft co-founder and globalist “philanthropist” Bill Gates is investing $200 million in ventures that aim to snoop on people’s individual movements via digital IDs. The Bill & Melinda Gates…

Oct 12, 2022Big League Politics

New York Times Admits that Mass Migration is Spiking Housing Costs in Canada

In a recent piece published at the New York Times, Ian Austen conceded that mass migration has created upward pressure on Canadian housing. As a result, many Canadians have been priced out of homeownership due to this influx of migrants. “Basically…

Oct 11, 2022Big League Politics

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