We’re All in the Nuclear Crosshairs Now

Globalists have brought us to the point where full scale nuclear war is now a firm option on the table thanks to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Great, just a typical geopolitical development, right?

As you’ve probably heard, Putin recently declared that four regions of Ukraine will become formally a part of Russia while Zelensky is attempting to expedite his application for membership with NATO. What does this mean? Where does this leave the rest of us?

Well, this leaves us in the worst situation possible. Readers of my newsletter have known for years now that NATO and the western powers put the pieces in play that would poke the Russian bear. As a last ditch effort to prevent further the encroachment of NATO missiles being pointed at them, Russian invaded Ukraine as soon as the potential threat became real.

Under President Trump, this likely would not have happened. Trump knew how to display power but he never would have allowed the chicken-hawks in NATO to push us to the point of war with Russia. Instead, he would have used his legendary negotiation skills to reach a peaceful solution to the Russo-Ukrainian crisis.

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Instead, we now have elites at the helm who have been called out, and out of sheer desperation, they’ve retaliated in ways which have now convinced the Russian government to put the options of nukes on the table.

Former Virginia State Senator and retired Marine Colonel Richard Black is well aware of the position that the world is facing right now. In an open letter to members of Congress, Black made his case clear that “globalists are marching us relentlessly toward this nuclear Armageddon.”


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