State Repression

The Last Defense Against Tyranny

By Jeff Minick, Intellectual Takeout

Feminist writer Naomi Wolf, once beloved by progressives, has decided to go a different direction in the last few years. She has written much about totalitarianism and believes the United States is marching swiftly along the road to such a dictatorship. Needless to say, her former comrades are outraged.

Recently, Wolf courageously wrote and published a long article, “Rethinking the Second Amendment: Can We Really Have Peace and Freedom Without Guns?” In this worthwhile essay, she dissects the Second Amendment, demonstrates why guns are necessary for self-defense and enjoyed by others for hunting and target practice, and explains how her husband, ex-military and an expert in firearms, trained her to shoot.

But Wolf doesn’t end her essay there.

Unlike so many who advocate for guns, Wolf then defends firearms as the final bulwark against government tyranny. She first writes: 

I am also re-examining my reflexes about the Second Amendment because I believe that we are at a moment that our Founders, in their nearly-Prophetic wisdom, knew might come to pass. We are at the kind of moment for which the Second Amendment may have been written in just the clear, unequivocal way that it was.

You know that I see tyranny descending all around the formerly free nations of the world. I say these days that the coup in America has already taken place—a stealthy, sneaky coup, mounted without a shot being fired.

She then directs readers to look at places like Shanghai and Australia, the former historically lacking firearms, the latter stripped of most of their weapons 25 years ago. There the governments get away with being bullies and aggressors, in part because the people they intend to crush have no recourse or defense.


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  1. Marching toward totalitarianism? This government’s been totalitarian from day one! In fact the correct description of this government is: a 100% Corrupt, Cabal-Controlled, Inverted-Totalitarian, Police-State Government masquerading as some sort of capitalistic-free-democratic-system that’s never existed. It’s not possible to coexist with totalitarianism because it’s not static, it grows more oppressive daily if allowed to exist. There’s ONLY one way to deal successfully with totalitarianism, and that is to totally and violent eradicate it primarily by guerilla warfare tactics.

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